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Wooden Stools With Golden Retrievers
Wooden Stools With Golden Retrievers

Wooden Stools With Golden Retrievers

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Wooden Stools With Different

Shades Of Golden Retrievers

If Ordering The Above Wooden Stools In This Design Just "Add To Cart"

We take Custom Orders on stools. Place Request in Special Request Box

If you are a golden retriever or a dog lover then what a wonderful way to capture their image then on Clearly Susan's wooden stools hand painted. These stools are truly a wonderful addition for any bedroom, indoor room or outdoor sun porch. 

  • This particular style of wooden stools is called a saddleback 
  • But we can paint the design on any type of stool you like.

These wooden stools show the different shades of golden retrievers, from light to dark, looking out over a green field. Whimsical, fun and so delightful to give as a gift for someone special or to keep for yourself.

  • We can paint any design you request in fine acrylic paint. 
  • Once the painting is finished then the wooden stools are sealed several times with a Polyethylene finish.
  • Our wooden stools are of simple, sturdy construction from our unfinished furniture collection.
  • Adds convenience to kitchen or bathroom
  • 18 in. seat height
  • Measures 18 in. H x 18 in. W x 9 in. D
  • Arrives assembled in 1-box

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