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Enhances The Flavor Of Wine

Enhance The Flavor Of Wine

Clearly Susan's wine decanter is hand painted in designs of your choice which makes a lovely addition to anyone's table or bar.our Crystal decanter comes in various shapes and sizes to allow the wine to breathe and to enhance the aroma and flavor.

Everyone has a different taste in what they like. That is why we have a unique selection for a wine decanter that everyone will enjoy.We offer traditional to modern shapes in wine decanters.

We offer several different designs, but if you don't see one you like suggest one of your own. We have matching wine glasses and wine coolers that make it a lovely crystal decanter.

How To Choose a Wine Decanter

  • For ideal aeration choose a wide neck wine decanter
  • To separate the sediment out of the wine Buy a thin neck wine decanter 
  • Select a decanter with a broad middle to speed up aeration
  • Pick a wine decanter with a wide mouth for easy pouring. ..
Never fill a decanter to the brim. It might look half-full, but the space is needed for aeration. 

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