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Veterans Day Gifts In Navy Wine Glasses
Veterans Day Gifts In Navy Wine Glasses

United States Navy Veterans Day Gifts

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Veteran Day Gifts in Navy wine glasses commenrate the fine men and women of the military
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Veteran's Day Gifts In US Navy Wine Glasses To Commemorate Service

 We take Custom Orders on Veteran's Day Gifts. Place Request in Special Request Box 

Clearly Susan's hand painted Veterans Day Gifts in United States Navy wine glasses commemorate the fine men and women in the Navy branch of services with a Naval logo of a ships anchor and insignia. We hand paint the crest or insignia of any branch or we can come up with a custom design that signifies the Navy.

Our Navy guys go through so much to protect us as all branches of service. We all know someone in the military. So why not show how much you appreciate your loved one or friend with custom, personalized  Veterans Day Gifts with the United States Navy insignia. Maybe they are graduating from A school or boot camp or is an officer and you want to acknowledge their accomplishments. 

We hand paint Navy wine glasses and Navy glasses in gold paint and pay attention to the minute details with the letters USN outlined in Navy blue. 

United States Navy enlisted rate indicates where an enlisted Sailor stands within the chain of command and his occupational specification, and also defines one's pay grade. An enlisted sailor's rate is similar conceptually to a naval officer's rank. Only Naval Officers carry the term "rank" in the Navy. 

Ratings are earned through "A" schools, which are attended before deployment and after undergoing initial basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois.


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