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Trifle Bowl With Red Bird
Trifle Bowl With Red Bird

Trifle Bowl With Christmas Red Bird

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Trifle Bowls With Red Bird To Serve chocolate trifle recipes or English trifle recipes.
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 Christmas Red Bird Perched OnTrifle Bowl

We take Custom Orders on Trifle Bowls. Place Request in Special Request Box

Trifle bowl with a Christmas Red Bird to serve your Christmas pudding, chocolate trifle recipes or English trifle recipes are a wonderful way to bring in the holidays.

Layered Christmas trifle desserts look wonderful through the glass and when you have a  trifle bowl with a Red Bird peeking through the glass it is a special treat.

We get so rushed during the holidays with so many decisions to make. Well, this is one decision we have covered. What to serve for dessert at your Christmas dinner? A trifle is a lovely dessert whether it is fruit or chocolate and there are so many wonderful recipes to choose from. But give your trifle that special Christmas touch by servicing your trifle in a trifle bowl hand-painted with our signature Red Bird. Your friends and family will be delighted.

We offer several Christmas designs on our holiday trifle bowlThis high-quality glass trifle bowl stands 8.5 inches tall with a 4.5-inch deep bowl that is 8 inches wide and is 4 QT.

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