Clearly Susan's Toilet Seat With Octopus Painting
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Octopus  Painting on A Toliet Seat
Octopus Painting on A Toliet Seat

Toilet Seat With Octopus Painting

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Sit on the thrown in style with toliet seats in a octopus painting. His tentacles wrap around the lid to the other side.We take custom orders
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 Toilet Seat In Octopus Painting

Brings The Sea To Your Bathroom

  • We take Custom Orders.....Place Request in Special Request Box
  • Check drop down menus for images of designs and colors
  • If you want to order the Octopus Design just click Add To Cart

Sit on the thrown in a beautiful  toilet seat with a octopus painting that truly is an exotic sea creature. Transport to the sea while having a decorative piece in the bathroom that will surely delight your quests. We can hand paint any design that you like.

Once the painting is finished then the toilet seat s is sealed several times with a Polyethylene finish. We hand paint the top of the lid and the seat both front and back.You can send us your exact measurements and we can provide a brand new seat to paint or you can send us one directly from the store so that we will have the exact measurements.

Toilet seats come in several sizes and styles.

toilet Seat Sizes: Round vs Oblong
There are really only 2 sizes you need to concern yourself with: ?round? or ?oblong? (or ?elongated?). Generally, it is easy to tell just by looking whether you have a round or oblong toilet seat. If you prefer to measure, just to be sure, then measure from the front of the bowl to the middle of the screws at the back of the bowl/lid area. Here are the standard toilet bowl sizes:

  • Round Toilet Bowl: 16.5 inches
  • Oblong Toilet Bowl: 18.5 inches

What does vary is the width of the bowl from side to side. But it?s usually not enough to worry about, as most standard size toilet seats and lids will cover most toilet bowls, even if they?re slightly narrower or even wider than the next one.

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