Siamese Cat Ornament by Clearly Susan
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Siamese Cat ornament.
Siamese Cat ornament.

Siamese Christmas Cat ornament

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Hand painted Siamese Christmas Cat ornament
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Hand painted Siamese Meowing

On A Christmas Ornament

We take Custom Orders.....Place Request in Special Request Box

Our glass ornaments come in one size large which is about 3 1/2 in. across

We can also add names and dates just put your request in the Request Box

Don't forget to upload a photo of your furry friend

Hand painted Siamese cat Christmas ornaments are perfect for your Christmas tree or to celebrate your cat year round. Four-legged family members rank at the top of the holiday list so give a hand painted cat Cristmas ornament.

Siamese cats are great communicators and they love to tell you when they are hungry or need that special rub. They are like baby ducks that imprint as they will follow you where ever you go to keep you close at hand.

Siamese cats come in four colors: seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point where the darker color is restricted to the face mask, ears, legs, and tail, while the body remains a lighter color. We try to capture those colors in our hand painted Siamese Christmas cat ornaments.

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