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Salad Tongs For Tossing
Salad Tongs For Tossing

Salad Tongs Vegetable Garden Design

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Salad Tongs For Tossing Up A Great Salad
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Salad Fork and Spoon or

Salad Tongs For Tossing

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Salad tongs are for tossing up a great salad, and what better way than with Clearly Susan's salad tongs in vegetable garden design.

These salad tongs which are part of our salad serving sets are attached together as a large fork and spoon made of acrylic and hand-painted with bright colors of your favorite vegetables.

We give you several glassware options to have this design or any other design hand painted on. Order Vegetable Garden Salad Plates in Serveware

If you want to choose different items to bundle than just order in related products.

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