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Rustic Dinnerware Creates Call Of The Wild
Rustic Dinnerware Creates Call Of The Wild

Rustic Dinnerware, Black Forest D‚cor

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Here The Call Of The Wild

With Wildlife Dinnerware Sets

We love to take custom orders on rustic  dinnerware

Set includes dinner  plate, salad plate, bowl and mug or coffee cup.

Choose which type of mug you want UNDER MUGS if you order individually. If you 

Order as a DINNER SET put your MUG request in SPECIAL REQUEST BOX.

Capture the wildlife with Black Forest Decor in hand painted rustic dinnerware for your cabin getaway. Bring the outdoors inside with Clearly Susan's hand painted wildlife dinnerware of plates that add to your Black Bear Decor with matching bowls, mugs and dessert plates. A Perfect gift for the hunter in your life. Can't you hear the call of the wild? Personalize with initials or names.

These rustic dinnerware plates are hand painted with a roaring black bear at the top looking for her two little cubs on the side. She is angry and warding off any preditors. Then the elk at the bottom is just minding his business as he just roams about looking for food. Then we can't forget Mrs. Fox in all her orange glory with her two little kits. The colors are bright and critters on the wildlife dinnerware are nestled in the branches of different shades of greenery etched in gold. Oh! we can't forget the hedgehog just for added pleasure and chuckles.

I know several folks that moved into wilderness country of Oregon, Washington State, and Missouri where the elk will roam right into your yard just like you don't even live there.This is their territory. Nothing is a more wonderful site.

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