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Hand painted Christmas Plates In Red Bird Design
Hand painted Christmas Plates In Red Bird Design

Red Bird Christmas Plate

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Hand painted Red Bird Christmas Plate
Part Number: 259
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 Christmas Plates Welcome Mr. Red 

Bird For Christmas Dinner

We take Custom Orders.....Place Request in Special Request Box

Everybody loves red birds. That are one of the most enchanting birds, especially at winter as they just represent the holiday season. This beautifully hand-painted Christmas plate in a red bird design features our popular Red Bird on Christmas dinnerware. Of course, the male has the beautiful plummage and we paint him in all his glory.

 This is perfect for holiday and Christmas entertaining or dining with family at home. The red and green colors on the Christmas plates bring about the cheer of the Christmas season.

  • We offer lots of choices in our Christmas Red Bird Collection. 
  • Be sure to look at the related tab 
  • If you don't see a piece of glassware that you like put it in the Special Request Box when you order.

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