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Orange Tabby Wine Glass
Orange Tabby Wine Glass

Orange Tabby Wine Glasses

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Hand painted Orange Tabby

Wine Glasses Of Your Docile Tiger

We take Custom Orders.....Place Request in Special Request Box

Clearly Susan's orange tabby wine glasses hand painted show off the little tiger in your adorable feline pet. If your orange tabby looks a lot like a tiger, then it?s because you are looking at a mackerel tabby. Our hand painted orange tabby wine glasses with their orange stripes make them look like a tiger, and with their orange color that look like a mini tiger. However, they have absolutely no relation to the tiger. It?s just a trick of the eye and a question of markings.

Tabby cats are very common felines, but most people are not aware that they?re not actually recognized as a breed.They?re some of the cutest cats in the world, very common, very friendly and they make excellent pets. It?s a very distinct cat because of its orange hue.

Email Us a picture and let us capture your little tiger.

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