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Kitchen Counter Stools
Kitchen Counter Stools

Kitchen Counter Stools In Lilly Pulitzer

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 Kitchen Counter Stools Are Definitely Lilly!

Lilly Pulitzer That Is

We take Custom Orders On Kitchen Counter Stools. 

Place Request in Special Request Box

 Just Lilly Pulitzer

Women still today love the Lilly Pulitzer design and Clearly Susan loves to paint kitchen counter stools in the bright colors that Ms.Pulitzer is known for. Clearly Susan's kitchen counter stools are very versatile and can go anywhere from the kitchen to the bar or to a sun porch.

Our custom bar stools can be painted in a variety of designs and colors that are original but are reminiscent of Lilly. If you have a Lilly design that you like then email it to me. We will paint it close to it without copying it and putting our own original flair to it.

We have other designs that are not Lilly designs that can be painted in whatever color you choose and are hand painted in fine acrylic paint. Check the drop-down box under design options. 

Once the painting is finished then our kitchen counter stools are sealed several times with a Polyethylene finish. The custom bar stools are made of simple sturdy construction from our unfinished bar stools collection.

Lilly Pulitzer was a wonderful Avante Garde painter in the 1960's and her designs and colors are as popular today as they were back then.

  • Check drop-down menus for images of other designs and colors
  • To view a larger image on a smartphone or pad tap on image and hold, the message comes up to view in another tab
  • If ordering custom stool As Is then just Add To Cart
  • Tell me about different design, size of the stool in Special Request Box
  • Stools Come in 24 in or 29 in. If you need a different size contact me.

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