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Red French Pillow Eiffel Tower
Red French Pillow Eiffel Tower

Hand made Pillows Of The Eiffel Tower

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Capture your vacation forever by having a pillow hand painted of your favorite destination
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View Paris's Eiffel Tower On

A Hand Made Pillow Hand painted

Hand painted Pillows which are hand made pillows of the Eiffel Tower In Paris, France is a unique vacation spot to capture the painted image forever. What better way to preserve your vacation then having a hand painted pillow of your favorite destination.

These hand made, decorative, hand painted pillows use durable fabric paint that ad her to the cloth, and then sprayed with a permeable fabric finisher that locks in the paint to the fabric.

Type in the Special Request Box which destination you would like hand painted or Email us a photo

How To Create a Pillow With Your Own Colors and Design:

When Ordering A Custom Pillow Be Sure to

Check The Following To Complete Order and Checkout

  • Pick Color of Fabric ...For The Back And Sides.......Design Front Will Be Off White Or Cream
  • Trim......Choose The Color Of Either Fringe Or Cording. Not Both

           That's it.....Simple....Easy......Questions? Contact Me

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