Clearly Susan offers fine glassware to be painted that will turn out to be your best glassware that you will be so proud to own or give as a gift. We especially have some wonderful pieces in cake plates, cheese domes, trifle bowls, and decanters. Some of our glassware come from Poland, France, Italy and all over Europe. Be sure to check out our Designs.

We try to offer unique glassware in different types and styles that you wouldn't find anywhere else, as we scour off beat places as well as large vendors to find the right glassware piece for you. We get all sorts of requests for unusual pieces and we try our best to find just what you are looking for.

If you don't see anything you like then contact me at and I will try to find it  for you. 

We carry a large selection and variety of glassware.

  • We Will Try To Find A Particular Type of Glassware in Size Or Style
  • We Offer Unique Glassware Found No Where Else
  • We Hand paint Any Design
  • Paints Long Lasting Won't Rub Off

Cake Plates And Domes

    cake dome        cake plate         
  cake plate        cake plate       

Covered Cheese Domes

cheese dome      cheese domes    cheese dome  

  cheese dome           cheese dome   

Trifle Serving Bowls

 trifle bowl        trifle bowls 

trifle bowl          trifle bowl          glass bowl

Wine Decanters

wine decanter      wine decanter  
  wine decanter          wine decanter