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German Shepherd Hand painted Wine Glass
German Shepherd Hand painted Wine Glass

German Shepherd Dog Wine Glasses

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German Shepherd hand painted wine glasses show the strong bold characteristics of this lovable and dependable breed. Email [email protected] "> Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here.
Part Number: 3872
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German Shepherd Hand painted Wine Glasses Popular Breed

We take Custom Orders.....Request Your Dog

Breed in Special Request Box

German Shepherd Hand painted Wine Glasses are one of the most popular dog breeds requested for our hand painted dog glasses. German Shepherd wine glasses are papinted to show the strong characteristics of this hard working dog. German Shepherds are used for search and rescue and disability assistance. 

Children of all ages love the dependable, lovable German Shepherd and we love to hand painted their wonderful bold features.

Email us a picture if you like so that we can get the exact details of colors and markings, and give us your special requests.

We also hand paint dog's on plates, platters and Christmas ornaments.

If ordering from both options, place in cart separately

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