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If you have questions or comments regarding a purchase, call us at 404-290-3238 or email us [email protected].


1.One of the first things people ask is why are some of your prices alittle high, You are paying for the craftmanship, the time put into creating a custom piece and the materials.

 Let's say you buy a chest for $380.00  We provide the furniture at cost with no mark up. So on this chest the cost from the vendor is $200.00 unfinished. $180 is what left for paint and supplies which is $30.00. That leaves $150.00 for the work. 

It takes 10  hours to hand paint. Resulting in making about $12 an hour. So the total cost may seem high in some instances, but with the breakdown you can see there isn't a lot of profit. Competitors charge alot more. Sometimes people dont realize the work that goes into a custom piece.

2. Why do you charge lower than your competitors? Because we love to ceate. Pure and simple. We want to give a high quality piece so that others can enjoy without making the price unobtainable.

3. What type of paint do you use on the gassware? All items are hand painted with a special glass paint that is primed with glaze before painting which allows the paint to adher to the surface. After the item is painted it is glazed several times to insure solid bonding.

4. Is the paint permanent, does it wash off? All glassware items are dishwasher safe, but for long lasting use it is advised to hand wash.

5. How safe is the paint? Paint is safe and non toxic

6. Do you take orders over the phone? Yes,we take special orders over the phone. Special Requests are welcomed

7. How long does it take to get an order? Special request orders usually take around two weeks to complete unless it is a large order, but we communicate with the customer exactly how long it will take and delivery dates

8. What if I put something in my cart can I come back later to complete the order? Add To Cart buttons allow shoppers to view other pages in our website, add other items, (even if you leave our website and come back later within several days later) and then checkout. Just click the cart and your items will be there.

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