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Decorative Signs, Custom Design Signs
Decorative Signs, Custom Design Signs

Decorative Signs, Custom Decorative Signs

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Clearly Susan's Decorative Signs
Part Number: 369
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Decorative Signs, Custom Are Not 

Just For Hanging On The Wall

We take Custom Orders On Hand painted Signs.....email us for a quote [email protected]

The sign is 1 ft x 2 ft.

Susan's decorative signs are not just for hanging on the wall as we get lots of unique requests for custom decorative signs. 

A delightful antique dealer from Mississippi contacted Susan and wanted a small glass sign hand-painted for a retro clock that he had in his shop. 

The lettering had faded so he had an exact size of glass cut and mailed to us and then emailed us pictures of what he wanted us to paint. 

We made a template from the pictures and replicated the exact lettering.

  • We also custom design signs of wood or metal signs of any type that are custom painted and personalized.
  • We prime the metal first and then hand-painted with metal paints, and then spray several times with a sealer to protect from the weather. 
  • We also hand paint plaques of any size in wood or metal.

The unique thing about these creative signs is that it is made of glass, not wood or metal. It had been specifically cut to fit inside the clock perfectly so our lettering had to match perfectly. We double shadow the letters to give a 3d effect.

This particular clock is not for sale, but if anyone is interested in any other of his antique or vintage clocks please, contact me and I will get you in touch with the dealer.

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