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Custom Yard Signs
Custom Yard Signs

Custom Yard Signs, Personalized Signs

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Custom Yard Signs
To Make Your Yard Irresistible

We take Custom Orders On Custom Yard Signs....email [email protected]
This sign is 2' ft x 4', but ask for different sizes

Clearly Susan's Custom Yard Signs are one of the most fun signs to paint. We usually get a request for us to paint the customers own house, so they can have CustomYard Signs to greet their guests. We love to add whimsical features to the sign such as animals as pets, and the kind that lurks in the woods. Let us know what you would like on your Custom House Sign and ....email me [email protected].

These custom yard signs were for a delightful client named Gail and she had a special request. She had 3 cats, a dog, and a Quaker green parrot. Well, I had to look up what a Quaker green parrot looked like and he is just as cute as he can be with very feathery feathers!

Anyway, she stated that her sweet grandkids called her house "Grandma's Zoo House of Fun and Happiness". I bet it is! We also added a few critters in the letters and background to her Custom House Sign.

Let us create personalized signs to make your home and yard so inviting. We hand paint wood or metal personalized signs of any type that are personalized to match your outside and garden decor. We prime the metal first, and then hand-paint with metal paints and spray several times with a sealer to protect from the weather. We also hand-paint plaques of any size in wood or metal.

Whether you are a business or homeowner who wants personalized signs for your office or home and want to relay whatever message you want, we will gladly offer you custom signs personalized just for you.

Email us your requests if you have a different size to request so that we can give you a quote; [email protected]

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