Colorful Rooster Hand painted On Crystal Wine Decanter
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Rooster Crystal Wine Decanter
Rooster Crystal Wine Decanter

Crystal Decanter Of Colorful Rooster

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Colorful Hand painted Rooster Crystal Wine Decanter Displays His Feathers
Part Number: 223
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Rooster Crystal Decanter 

Displays His Feathers

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We take Custom Orders crystal decanters. Place Request in Special Request Box

Brightly feathered Rooster in lots of bold colors hands painted on a  crystal decanter. Our barnyard beauty loves to strut his stuff! But he is so vain that he can be seen on matching hand-painted Rooster wine glasses and cheese domes.

None of the other chickens in the yard compared to his large colorful plumage. We hand paint stripes all around the wine decanter of a boastful Rooster to give a distinct visual image.

  • We offer several different styles of decanters 

  • If you want another design put in Special Requests box

If ordering different products with different quantities, place each product in cart separately

  • 2-piece wine decanter set 12 inches high
  • Crafted from 24 percent lead crystal for heavyweight and brilliance
  • Inner dome increases the oxygenation of fine wines
  • Aerates wine faster with a wide base
  • Hand made in Europe
  • Lead-free crystal
  • Lightweight, so it's easy to hold and pour
  • 50-ounce capacity

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