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Poinsettia Cheese Dome
Poinsettia Cheese Dome

Cheese Dome in Red Poinsettias

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Christmas Cheese Dome For All Your Christmas Goodies
Part Number: 177
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Hand painted Poinsettia's

Delight This Cheese Dome

Don't forget to choose glass options before Adding To Cart

We take Custom Orders.....Place Request in Special Request Box

This bell jar style is 14 in High and about 7 in Diameter

Cheese Dome hand painted with luscious red Poinsettia's etched in gold is a perfect Christmas addition to your entertaining. This Polish crystal dome is a bell jar shaped and will display your favorite cheeses, cookies, desserts of any kind.

We offer several different shapes of cheese domes so be sure to check out our drop down selection when ordering. We offer glass cheese dome or large glass cheese domes with several beautiful domes to choose from. Why not add some serving pieces to match. Wonderful gifts or keep for yourself. There are many uses for cheese domes as they can not only display wonderful cheeses but you can put small appetizers or mini desserts in them. I am sure you have wonderful treats that you can think of that will go perfectly in them.

Why Have A Cheese Dome

There is a reason and a good one at that why to have a cheese dome. The various shapes and sizes of the dome allows humidity to form with the air and this is like the damp climate of the wonderful cheese caves in europe.

Believe it or not bacteria is what makes our cheese so tasty and a cheese dome allows the cheese to breathe.Most importantly, a cheese dome allows your cheese to breathe. See, there are million bacteria that work hard to make your cheese tasty. If you don't give the good bacteria ample breathing room then the bad ones take over and create mold. Thus the protection of the cheese dome. Cheese is expensive so protect your favorite appetizer that is great with speciality crackers, toasts, and bagels.

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