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Hand painted bride and groom wedding champagne glasses
Hand painted bride and groom wedding champagne glasses

Champagne Wedding Glasses

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Bride and Groom Champagne Glasses and Flutes With Sports Theme
Part Number: 208-2A
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  Champagne Wedding Glasses Intricately 

Woven With Real Fabric and Lace

We take Custom Orders on Champagne Wedding Glasses. Place Request in Special Request Box

It's your wedding day and what a wonderful way to celebrate than with Clearly Susan's champagne wedding glasses in a variety of styles to choose from. These champagne wedding glasses for the bride has a design of lace with pearl and diamond-like accents adorn the dress with a glittering sash. The champagne wedding glasses for the groom has lace shirts with a real fabric bowtie.

We can come up with any design that you like for your special day. If you see a design that you would like for us to replicate with our own special touch then email me and we would love to create something for you.

If ordering several different options with different quantities, place each product in cart separately

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