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Cake Plates Painted Burgundy Grapes
Cake Plates Painted Burgundy Grapes

Cake Plates, Cake Stand With Burgundy Grapes

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Cake plates hand painted in rich dark burgundy grapes
Part Number: 135
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 Cake Plates Painted With 

Cascading Burgundy Grapes

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 Cake plates  hand painted in rich dark burgundy grapes, light golden green, and royal purple grapes with a hint of sunlight will entice any grape or wine Connoisseur.

Hanging from their vines with various shades of green leaves etched in gold remind one of Napa Valley and the wonderful wine vineyards with juicy grapes just ready to be plucked.

We offer various style of cake plates, cake stands  and if you have a particular size that you are looking for contact us and we will do our best to find exactly what you are looking for.

We have several styles to choose from. Click drop down list to see images

  • Handsome 13-inch cake platter with 11-inch glass dome
  • Sturdy, thick glass construction
  • Molded glass knob handle for easy access
  • Elegant height; curved dome keeps baked goods fresh
  • Classic style and elegance
  • Great gift idea
  • Serve your baked goods and keep them fresh
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