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"Fight Like A Girl" Breast Cancer Awareness wine glasses
"Fight Like A Girl" Breast Cancer Awareness wine glasses

Breast Cancer Wine Glasses

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Breast Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Wine Glasses
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Breast Cancer Awareness, 

Merchandise For Tough Survivors

Breast Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Wine Glasses

We take Custom Orders.....Place in Special Request Box

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We have a very creative customer who requested Breast Cancer wine glasses  for a friend who was a breast cancer survivor.

We put, of course, the Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon, boxing gloves, boxer robe, and a girly boxing outfit with high heels hand painted in pink and black.

Clearly Susan's Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise ,"Fight Like A Girl" breast cancer wine glasses show support and make a strong statement for breast cancer awareness and the fight against cancer. Go bold and take a stand with our empowering

Breast Cancer wine glasses along with your favorite wine which are a great conversation piece between survivors that help heal the soul.

  • Size Holds Around 15 to 18 oz.
  • Check the drop-down menu for different size wine glasses for red or white wines
  • All products are 100% Guaranteed
  • A large variety of glasses offered
  • One of a kind designs or request one of your own
  • Paints non-toxic  
  • Hand washing preferred

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