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and Cheese Domes Are The Sweetest, Cheesiest

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At your next gathering serve your gourmet appetizers on our elegant and delightful appetizer plates with a glass cheese dome.What unique recipes do you like to serve?Unusual designed Polish crystal covered dessert plates  are ideal for serving cheeses, pastries or small desserts. Which one is your favorite?

When we have a nice crowd or a small group it always nice to serve an assortment of cheeses, small pasteries and desserts to your guests and what better way to displaythem in appetizer plates that have a beautiful design hand painted on them. Our dessert plates are on a stand or pedestal and covered with a glass dome that is uniquely decorated.

Let's talk about cheese storage. The French take storing cheese very serious and the temperature has to be just right so that bacteria won't grow. That is why cheese domes are so important as the air inside the dome is perfect for keeping the temperature and humidity just right. What cheeses do you store on these appetizer plates? That is easy! Any and all soft and semi soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Havarti, Basque cheese, Gouda, and others. Anything except those packed in a can with water such as feta or fresh mozzarella. Put your plates with glass domes in the refrigerator and when ready to serve put your cold cheese inside. Then the magic happens and the cheese soften to give their creamy goodness.

Out glass domes with plates can be used as dessert plates for small candies, cupcakes, cookies, etc. With our hand painted domes that will look wonderful for your next gathering.

Tell us about some of your favorite receipes that you like for these goodies and which glass dome do you like! 




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