Water, Ice Tea Glasses

Luncheon Glasses of Water and Ice Tea

Planning To Entertain....

When are you planning another luncheon, baby shower, bridal shower at your home? Need hand painted ice tea and water glasses for your next event? Clearly Susan loves to create designs for hand painted water and ice tea glassesto serve for your entertaining. Our hand painted water and tea glasses are hand painted in lovely designs of summer, flowers with bright colors, and come in delightful one of a kind shapes and sizes..

Extra Set

We all have our china and crystal that we received when we got married, but isn't if fun to mix things up and have a different set of glasses, dinnerware combinations. Our hand painted water and ice tea glasses can be hand painted in any design to match existing china, or some glasses that may have broken.

Our hand painted water and ice tea glasses would make a great gift for a bride to have something fun and exciting to go with her choosen pattern or to just be used on their own. We offer some lovely designs of wisteria, peaches, yellow wildflowers just to name a few.

Send us a picture of your pattern of china or existing glasses and we would to love to match them.

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