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 Butter Dishes Hand painted To Match Your China
Painted Pink Flowers Butter Dish

Butter Dishes Hand painted To Match Your China

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Butter Dishes Puts Love On Your Table

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Clearly Susan's butter dishes are delightful pieces that can match your china or we can come up with a design just for you. Serve fresh butter for all your favorite bread and muffins in our delightful designs guaranteed to brighten up anyone's kitchen.

Historically, if the molded butter was round, the dish that held it was also round. Thus, for handmade butter, the typical butter dish was round. But once machine-made quarter-pound sticks of butter and butter substitutes became common, the popularity of the round one-pound butter molds gave way to the elongated butter stick dish most commonly seen today.

Over the past hundred years, butter has typically been measured out in one-pound lumps and shaped using a butter mold. Theses butter molds were often stamped with a symbol or design that would be transferred onto the butter. 

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